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e-Counselling/Online Counselling

e-Counselling also known as Online Counselling is a new modality that provides quick and effective communication over the Internet. As with telephone counselling you may prefer to utilise e-Counselling through the privacy of your office or home computer? 

e-Counselling offers an opportunity for you to communicate about the challenges you are facing with a professional as a guide for consultation, feedback and support. It may just be a one time consultation or a series of e-mail sessions. Many individuals who choose e-Counselling tend to present dilemmas that require brief solution oriented therapy with about 2-3 sessions to fulfill their needs. A smaller number of people seek ongoing sessions as they grapple with longer term issues. It is totally up to you to determine what is helpful.

Here are some benefits unique to e-Counselling:

  • There is no travelling involved
  • You are in charge of the timing of your e-mail to suit your everyday needs
  • You can wait until you have some quiet time to write your e-mail, to reflect or to read the response
  • You have a record of everything that is said

Payment is required prior to an e-Counselling session. 

To set up an appointment and arrange payment, please contact, or call 0419 986210.